Oopsy Crystal Clear Cake Pop Stand

Oopsy Crystal Clear Cake Pop Stand

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Oopsy stands are stands that have suffered a minor scratch or a tiny chip. They can still be used regularly, nothing is wrong with the holes. Most times the scratch or chip is so minor it’s hard to even find. Because they’re not in perfect condition they’re being sold at a discounted rate. 

Material: Clear Acrylic
Hole Dimensions: Holes are spaced two inches apart and sized to fit 5/32" sticks; standard "lollipop" sticks from Wilton or Oasis Supply.

Stand Dimensions:

12 Hole measures 6" x 8" x .25"
16 Hole measures 8" x 8" x .25"
6 Hole measures  4" x 6" x .25"

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